KLE Special Systems

Fifteen exact copies of the same unique Beast, fifteen happy Gamers!


Is it for you? What makes it special?

For this special project our friends from Nexus Gaming got in touch with us and asked us to build 15 unique, special systems for a contest they held in the 2021 Winter. But…there was a catch, all the systems had to be a carbon copy of each other. Challenge Accepted!

They also wanted something cool that can be a showpiece for the end-user, a system that embodies the logo that they designed, their favorite colors and philosophy and in the same time a Beast of a PC suited for each and every one of the winners of their online contest.

Suffice it to say, we got our work cut out for us, but thru some clever tools of the trade, some ingenuity and practical know-how, we pulled our resources and brains together and our team sailed across the finish line well before the deadline.

Sure, we had a few sleepless nights trying to pot all the puzzle pieces together but in the end it was worth the effort. The feedback was great and all the parties involved were satisfied from the Winners to our dear friends from Nexus Gaming.

We liked the challenge and hope that we will have the opportunity to redo this experience with you and your special project(s). Contact us and tell us your budget and your plan for building the best, greatest PC money can buy. We are here to help. For the rest, the following photos will speak for us.


Performing flawlessly. Looking great.

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