Cyb3rWaR – A Team Dream. Cyberpunk but not exactly



Is it for you? What makes it special?

Cyb3rWaR was a father and son team’s wish. They wanted something special, something close to a steampunk theme but not exactly, something their own, a system who looks and feels like a transformer but has the power of a beast in terms of computing might, a true all around champion with the best Intel CPU and best NVIDIA GPU possible at the time and we did that exactly!

It was their wish to go with simple , somewhat understated design but solid water cooling parts, therefore we worked with them to select and install Alphacool water cooling components and combined them with beautiful Corsair LED Fans and Raijintek’s NYX Pro case.

One of our specialists worked around the clock for one day to make this all happen because the system is special and the kid’s birthday was coming. The result is below, we let these photos speak for themselves. We are proud of what we did in a very short amount of time ( from the time they contacted us and until the system was ready the whole thing took just about two weeks including ordering parts abroad) and we hope we will have the opportunity to do the same thing for you!


Performing flawlessly. Looking great.

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