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Address: Drumul Intre Tarlale St., No. 160-174, Apollo Logistic Park, District 3, Floor 1, 032982, Bucharest

Phone: +4021 310.95.64
+4021 310.95.64


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We are gamers. We are power users. We are photo and video editors. We are you!
When we build our systems, we are meticulous.

Our company is based in Bucharest, Romania and is specialized in building preassembled and custom PC’s alike from the “light”/online gaming ones to heavy 4K gaming and video creation multi-monitor ones. The team is small but powerful consisting of some of the best engineers and technicians in the field.

We have the means and the motivation to be really good at what we do because we believe that the EU needs and above all deserves true quality PC’s at correct prices with all the right, quality components that makes you trust us as a professional team of PC Builders and above all trust our products for whatever you are doing with a PC.

At ITD Custom Works we have the know-how to design, assemble and test each and every one of the PC’s we are producing to the highest standards of the industry. If a product a product fails our tests we won’t sell it and if it stands up to our expectations, we give it a “badge” with our logo, which means we stand behind our product.

We get better every day. Each process is crafted to generate feedback from our specialists and from our clients, and every issue is brought to the attention of all the departments to help us improve our final products. In the end, our expertise and your feedback and suggestions help us build a better, faster PC, every time.

We are always available through the ticketing process, email or even by phone. We are proud of our processes and our transparency. Therefore we are honest with our clients and always provide them with the best advice for their needs and budget. We are striving to be the best in what we do and to instill confidence in our products, every single day, and this is all that matters.