Our snowflake. Special, sensitive, but at the same time, strong and reliable.



Is it for you? What makes it special?

Blanche is our white beauty, our Snow-White, a system that combines simplicity, cooling and aesthetics. It’s brilliantly white from the case to the main components like memory, the CPU Cooler and GPU.
With Blanche we want to deliver, once again, on our pursuit of unyielding play and productivity to gamers of every generation and content creators alike, who can (through our upgradable systems like Blanche) universally enjoy premium entertainment and play from home battle stations, dorms, esports arenas – or practically anywhere, and look good doing it too, with an exceptionally fresh aesthetic.

The platform 

Support for dual-channel 4 DIMM, DDR4 configurations, high-speed storage, Intel’s Z590 chipset and up to a 11th or 12th Gen Intel Core i7 or i9 Processor – this beast of a computer gives you a taste of what a powerful and also beautiful system is truly capable of.


Intel’s Core i7-11700F an awesome CPU – we wouldn’t use any other for a perfectly-rounded build. The 8-core 2.5 to 4.9 GHz (Intel Turbo Boost Maximum frequency) with 16 parallel execution threads, coupled with an excellent support for of up to 128 GB of RAM memory can offer ample performance for any task you can throw at it.


The NVIDIA GeForce 3070 is a 2K or even 4K gaming power-house! Not so power hungry and at the same time big on visual performance our choice of GPU is a perfect match for the Core i7 or i9 CPUs, a perfect team in both gaming, streaming/editing and productivity workloads.

The Memory

A standard of 16 GB (or if you want, 32 GB or more) of DDR4 is a must these days for any demanding game or apps. Running at 3200 MHz and working in dual-channel configuration, the Corsair memory configuration offers great reliability without compromising on performance, thanks to its tight timings and top notch manufacturing.


The case

We use an white ATX-sized enclosure with a mesh front and top, with best in class cooling, 4 included top-quality RGB fans and a dedicated fan controller for added flexibility. Also, we promise, you will not see a cable out of place, as we are probably the best in wire management.

The Storage

Here, you have many options but, standard the beautiful Blanche is equipped with a 512GB NVME SSD, enough for your usual apps and games. We chose this kind of SSD for blazingly-fast OS load times and minimal latency of your usual apps and games while it’s up to you to tell us if you need more storage and we will be more than happy to help you with either additional HDD’s or SSD’s, as many as you want.


Performing flawlessly. Looking great.


Here are the main specs. Contact us if you need more information.

BLANCHE by ITD Custom Works

Processor Intel Core I7 11700F | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 sau RTX 3070Ti | Memory: 16 GB DDR4 | SSD: 512 GB

Processor: Intel Core I7 11700F
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 sau RTX 3070Ti
Memory: 16 GB DDR4
Storage: 512 GB – SSD

Motherboard: Chipset Intel Z590
Case: ATX, Transparent glass side panel, 4 RGB fans
Application: Gaming, Photo Editing, Video Content Creation


ITD Custom Works systems can be modified at the customer’s request within reasonable limits depending on budget and needs. The system configurations can also change if certain components are no longer in stock or new revisions are launched, the performance and functionality remaining very close Depending on the model / type of system chosen, you can add: additional RAM, HDD / SSD storage units, fans, other cooling systems, LED strips, controllers, etc. as available. After purchase, the configuration of the ITD Custom works system can be modified by the user, the guarantee being individual for each component.
We recommend that the changes be made by a professional or ITDCW specialists so that you can be sure of the quality and reliability of the operation. If the upgrades are made by the ITD Custom Works team after the purchase of the system, some fees may apply depending on the service provided and the time required for execution. However, we remain in contact with you and we want to carry out these operations in agreement with you, in the shortest possible time, with minimum costs.
We strive to keep the information on this page accurate. Very rarely, they may contain small differences: the photos are informative, the colors and shades may differ depending on the monitor, and the system / components may contain slightly different accessories / components. Also, some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice or may contain operating errors.
* Test results may vary from case to case depending on operating system, installed drivers, background running processes, installed programs, system occupancy, system wear, and gameplay scenarios (settings, complexity , effects, resolutions, etc.). In testing the system, Windows 10 Proffesional was used with all the up-to-date updates, the latest driver package from the component manufacturer’s website as well as the latest patches of the tested games / benchmarks.

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